Shooting Brake productions


The team of Nate LaBrusciano, Emily Reynolds, John Gaffney, and Nick Gresh are dedicated to bring you the highest quality and most engaging video and photo content for your company. We can bring any dream into fruition as we have made ours.


Nate labrusciano

A love of story telling and helping people inspired Nate to found Shooting Brake Productions. " For a brief moment I forget the horrors I've seen throughout the day" - EMT in Burbank Hotel Lobby to Nate referencing his view on TV and Film.

Immediately after college, Nate wasted no time and began pitching shows, producing and filming pilots. He currently develops and films promotional material for a local gym.

Nate currently serves as the City Producer of the Philadelphia 48 Hour Film Project and is the winner of several awards, including the Executive Producer of the 2016 Best in City Film for the 48 Hour Film Project. He has worked in the automotive industry since college and prides himself in producing high quality content.


John grew up in Philadelphia and from a young age was exposed to the unique culture and artistic avenues the city provides. Photography was a natural evolution as both his father and grandfather were avid shooters. Working with both digital and film mediums, John approaches photography as an artistic story telling medium, and considers every shoot an opportunity to help someone tell their story.