To help others share their passion with the world around us through creative and fun visual ways.

What we create


- Commercials         - Social Content       - Testimonials     - Branded Content

- Web Series            - Drone/Aerial          - Real Estate        - Photography


How we do it

4K Digital Video

You deserve the highest quality image representing your project. Using some of the latest technology combined with full frame sensors and RAW video we give you the sharpest, and most vivid images, whether they're from land or air.


Utilizing the Mavic Pro, we have access to aerial shots that used to require helicopters, vast open spaces, and enormous budgets. We offer you drone access for a fraction of the cost!

We still do need open space though, not much, but enough.

Pro Audio

When you close your eyes all we want you to hear is serenity or crisp clean audio. We have boom and lavaliere microphones that provide clear audio through the harshest elements.

We at Shooting Brake Productions believe that your video should sound just as beautiful as it looks!

By using the integrated workflow of Adobe, we are able to work on projects, create graphics, and edit videos much easier than before! Adobe is on the forefront of the editing realm.

Post Production